Voiceover Demo Creation


Voiceover Demo Reel Creation - for Voiceover Intensive Students

If you've taken all three Voiceover Intensive Classes, you are eligible to have a custom VO demo created from the reads that you recorded during classes.  Dorothy selects the pieces that best represent you and Brian adds music, creating a polished demo that you can use to market yourself to clients and casting agents.

Voiceover Demo Reel Creation - for Working Talent

Have you been working as a VO talent, but need to refresh your demo?  Do you have experience, but not enough spots to present a polished example of your work?  Contact us for a consult and we can figure out the solution that will work best for you!

Voiceover Demo Revision/Editing

Do you have an older voiceover demo reel and need to add some new content that you've collected from recent jobs?  We can help!